For a capitol city with a turbulent past Dublin is one of the more laid-back places to visit.

Street Performer on Grafton St in DublinThe city’s architecture, especially the Georgian style, captivates both first and veteran visitors. Flat-fronted townhouses built of brick are best seen in along cobblestoned Henrietta Street. Leinster House, the mid 18th century Palladian design of architect Richard Cassels, became an inspiration for the White House decades later.

Dublin has been a destination of choice for centuries since Vikings settled at a fording place on the River Liffey. While the Scandinavian raiders’ luggage was basic at best, there is no doubt Sven or Gunnar would have appreciated having a number of the Baggalini Messeger Bagg’s with them. Lightweight and created from crinkle nylon the sling bag comes in a series of color combinations makes it perfect for ocean crossings, matching any outfit and having plenty of space for paperwork, lipstick and a bit of armor. Continue Reading »