Kipling Madison 22 Wheeled Duffel

Ever wonder why it took so long for luggage companies to add wheels? Younger readers don’t remember that suitcases and trunks weren’t always wheeled. Man went to the moon before wheels were added to luggage. The first patent for wheeled luggage was granted in 1972. It was 1989 when a pilot for Northwest airlines first used a wheeled suitcase. However, it wasn’t until 1994 when a man named Don Ku received the patent for the telescopic handle.

Vintage suitcases are now sought-after home decor items. They look great stacked in multiples and used for storage rather than toted on trips. Continue Reading »

Featured Line: Kipling Wheeled Duffels

Summer is here and the sirens of Lake Tahoe are calling.

Their chorus of activities can be almost overwhelming. From kayaking to biking, hiking, horseback riding and stand-up paddling, days in Tahoe are spent outdoors.  Add in the nightlife from gambling at casinos, to going to outdoor events, to sipping wine with locals and fellow tourists, and it appears that a ton of luggage is going to be required to fit in all the different outfits needed.

With the Kipling Madison 22 Wheeled Duffel,you have the perfect bag.  Its large U-shaped main compartment allows rooms for the casual clothes and various footwear a vacation in Tahoe demands. Continue Reading »