Lewis N. Clark TSA Sentry Cable Lock

Looking for a true Celtic connection?

Let the wonders of Islay wash over, and through, you.

Pronounced EYE-la, the island sits almost midway between Ireland and Scotland. She is known as the “Queen of the Hebrides” and can be reached via a 40-minute flight from Glasgow International. Packing light with a piece like the Piel Leather Complete Carry–All Bag is suggested.

Many choose to take the ferry from the Kennacraig, on the Scottish mainland, to either Port Askaig or Port Ellen.  Lock up your luggage (a TSA-approved luggage lock is suggested)  and place alongside others in the outside storage bins.

Two hours of cruise time gradually ease you into Islay’s island mentality, where sheep run free, the roads are often one lane and many of the world’s very best whiskeys are produced. Continue Reading »