“I hate flying.”
A growing number of travelers, many of them former frequent fliers, have begun to repeat this mantra with venom.
The frustration is legitimate, and based partially on the airlines’ ever -increasing ways to wrangle additional fees from passengers.  With airports being so frustrating, its nice to be able to take luggage that puts you more at ease like the new Samonite EZ Cart 25″, luggage you can easily push around.
One of the latest was the decision this spring by Allegiant Air to impose a $35.00 fee on carry-on luggage. This action made the airline, headquartered outside Las Vegas, NV a member of a so-far limited fraternity joining it with Spirit Airlines who charges a number of fees regarding carry-on luggage.
Currently, the latter carrier charges a fee of $20.00 at time of booking or before check-in on both domestic and international flights. Wait until airport check-in, at the counter or on-line, and the price rises another $5.00.
The Spirit Airline’s website states those prices will rise another 25 percent to $30.00 on November 6, 2012.
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