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London is myriad of tradition and cutting-edge contemporary.

The latter changes constantly, which keeps the city fresh as the former draws many tourists to centuries-old sites.

Among the most popular are those connected with the British Monarchy.

Few in the world do pomp and ceremony as grand, or with such style, as the British.

Whether you are a dyed in the wool Brit royalista or just mildly curious, London offers plenty of places where kings and queens past, present and future have lived, loved and even lost some of their heads. So drop your spinner luggage at the hotel and hit the streets: there’s a lot to see! Continue Reading »

The sea defines Iceland.  Since Vikings first arrived in 874 AD, the waters surrounding this North Atlantic island have provided food, work, and now, fun activities for summertime tourists.

Join them by heading to North Iceland where whales, seals and herring flourish.

Many travelers opt to take a short excursion from the capital city of Reykjavik. A 45-minute flight, aboard Air Iceland, from the domestic airport on the outskirts of the city will bring you to the country’s second largest city of Akureyri.

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