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Does this photo set your heart a-racin'? You're not alone.

Does this photo set your heart a-racin’? You’re not alone.


Afraid to fly? You’re in good company. Big names like Stanley Kubrick, Travis Barker, Lars von Trier, John Madden, Doris Day, Whoopi Goldberg, and even Issac Asimov are all purported aerophobics, demonstrating that the fear doesn’t discriminate based on race, gender, life experience, or intellect. If you long to see the world but feel held back by a fear that’s so often shrugged off by others, you don’t have to resign yourself to road trips or costly cruises. Continue Reading »

South African TreasuresYou are off to South Africa and the piece of luggage you want is the Eagle Creek Exploration 2 ORV Trunk 25″.

Among the features on this duffle bag is the built-in and stowable Bi-Tech™ Boot Box. It keeps your dirty shoes away from your clean gear – on this trip that is a definite necessity.

Also, you might just require its lifetime “no matter what damage repair policy” after being out in the bush with wild animals.

Rid yourself of jetlag by spending your first day or two in Cape Town. Continue Reading »