Ancient Mayans on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula were among the first sun worshipers. Centuries later thousands sun and surf devotees also head to the area. They flock to the state of Quintana Roo, also known as the Riviera Maya, and in particular the city of Cancun.

Are you among them?

Then grab your suntan lotion, shades, a swimsuit or two and flip flops and toss them into Delsey Helium Colours Carry On 4 Wheel Trolley.  It comes in a variety of colors including lime like the one you will have clinging to the side of an ice cold beer (or cervaza) waiting for you upon your arrival.

Cancun is the most popular hub. Its tourism history began as a 1970s’ government project when few people lived on a then coconut plantation. During the past four decades, the industry has exploded to include grand hotels, quaint B&Bs, and other types of accommodation. Continue Reading »