Victorinox Mobilizer

disney worldIt comes to most of us eventually: the need to go to Walt Disney World.

When packing up the family to see the multiple parks in Florida, one fact remains constant — seeing
the Mouse can cost quite a bit of cheese.

Holding down the costs without dampening the enthusiasm is not hard.

1. Fairy dust luggage.

Sprinkle fairy dust over your favorite little kid by presenting a Disney Fairy Backpack before
you go.

Pack it with books and other activities for the journey. The adjustable straps allow an adult to carry it loaded with snacks and drinks in the parks.  This will help your budget. Continue Reading »

Several years back I was offered the opportunity of joining a three-day cruise sailing from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico. It was a specialty cruise designed for belly dancers and featured onboard belly dancing, Flamenco dancing lessons, and Middle-Eastern musical evening entertainment. The cost, which included airfare from Reno, Nevada and meals, was really low. Although I am not a dancer, my friends needed another roommate to secure the stateroom at that low cost and I thought it would be a great adventure. Belly dancing aficionados are fun-loving women who adore colorful costumes, Mediterranean music and a good time. Continue Reading »